Lay off men, Lessing tells feminists

Anläßlich des Todes der Literaturnobelpreisträgerin Doris Lessing kann ich hier – aufgrund eines Hinweises von Arne Hoffmann / Genderama –  auf folgenden Text hinweisen:

„The novelist Doris Lessing yesterday claimed that men were the new silent victims in the sex war, „continually demeaned and insulted“ by women without a whimper of protest.

Lessing, who became a feminist icon with the books The Grass is Singing and The Golden Notebook, said a „lazy and insidious“ culture had taken hold within feminism that revelled in flailing men.

Young boys were being weighed down with guilt about the crimes of their sex, she told the Edinburgh book festival, while energy which could be used to get proper child care was being dissipated in the pointless humiliation of men. “  – Weiterlesen: