Male suicide scandal: UK men are paying for a system that drives thousands of them to death


„Suicide is the leading cause of death of British men under 50 years of age. Over a quarter (26%) of men who die between the ages of 20 and 34 take their own lives, and 13% of deaths among men aged 35 to 49 are self-inflicted. The figures for women are 13% and 5% respectively.

The state is responsible – through its actions and inactions – for many of the crises that lead men to kill themselves. As a class, men have long suffered high levels of reactive depression, the form brought on by distressing life events. This is driving the relentlessly high male suicide rate, rather than long-term mental health issues.

In 2014 the government published a report, Preventing suicide in England: First Annual Report on the Cross-government Outcomes Strategy to Save Lives. Virtually no interest (let alone concern) is expressed in the report at the remarkably high rate of suicide among men.

When politicians are pressed on the male suicide rate, they generally (and callously) attribute the problem to men’s disinclination to seek help for mental health issues in times of crisis. Politicians are victim-blaming.“   –  Zum Artikel: