Transgender rights versus feminism: What makes a woman?


Laverne Cox
Orange Is the New Black’s Laverne Cox is a leading figure for transgender women’s rights(Getty)

„Kat Haché, from Tennessee, is a transgender woman and an advocate of women’s rights – two identities which some radical feminists believe are mutually exclusive.

„In the past, I have had some people tweet at me,“ she says. „I normally don’t take them too seriously and have mostly ignored them, but I have heard horror stories of doxing [hackers revealing personal contact information online] and coercive outing of people as trans.“

For the most part, Haché says, feminists see transgender women’s rights as a natural extension of feminism. Yet at a time when trans rights are on the rise, a number of radical feminists insist on regarding trans women as men, denying them basic access to health care, women’s facilities and anywhere considered a women’s space.“  –