Gender Activists Alarmed

By Gabriele Kuby

New Report on the „Anti-Gender Mobilizations in Europe“ by Left-Wing Think Tank

„The authors are alarmed over the growing resistance to ‚gender politics‘ seen at the grass-roots level (e.g. La Manif pour tous movement in France and Demo für alle in Germany) and expressed in referendums held in several countries across Europe. In addition, they cite the opposition of political parties at the local and European levels, and the ‚anti-gender‘ declarations of Bishop’s Conferences. What is seen as a dangerous development by the sexual left is really a testimony to the success of the pro-life and pro-family movement in Europe. The authors say:

Anti-gender movements

„Anti-gender movements want to claim that gender equality is an ‚ideology‘, and introduce the misleading terms ‚gender ideology‘ or ‚gender theory‘ which distort the achievements of gender equality …

This phenomenon has negative consequences for the legislation on gender equality.“ The Symbolic Glue report then provides „policy recommendations for the progressive side to stand up against fundamentalist political activism.“ “

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