Journalist: Wearing a Burqa is Like a Sex Toy on Forehead

Sun, October 2, 2016

„A Bosnian woman journalist who criticized Islamic headscarves, veils and burqas in graphic language has been forced into hiding due to threats of rape and death, reported the UK’s Express.

In an article, Lejla Colak wrote, „To wear a burka, niqab or any other religious sign on your head is the same as wearing a strap-on in public.“Imagine walking around with a giant strap-on and traumatizing people. Religion is supposed to represent something that is extremely personal just like an individual sexuality.“

In response, one social media user who is reportedly a member of the Bosnian army, wrote, „Are there any volunteers to rape lovely Lejla? I will personally pay for it.“

Colak said she reported the man to the police and plans to go to court. After that, she said, she started to receive more and more threats.“ (…)

„Although Colak later apologized for her remarks, she said, „I accept responsibility for what I wrote – I understand that it’s not liked by opponents, that they will not understand or will get angry.  But I wonder whether there are limits, given that the reaction was an invitation to rape and murder.“

She also expressed sadness that people with “different attitudes” toward religion are made to feel “unwelcome” in Bosnia.“