Trump gewinnt Wahl

Das Undenkbare ist geschehen

Es ist eine historische Wahlnacht, an deren Ende ein historisches Ergebnis steht: Donald Trump wird der nächste Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Viele in New York hätten das nie für möglich gehalten – und jetzt ist ihr Entsetzen grenzenlos.

09.11.2016, von Oliver Georgi, New York

Hadmut Danisch kommentiert, flapsig wie immer, aber auch amüsant:

Den Feminismus in seinem Lauf…

Ein weiterer Kommentator schreibt:

( …) „Maybe Trump even is just the right kind of person to cope with the dictators and other challenges of today. At least he’s someone the world thinks is capable of doing almost anything (crazy). So he’s a kind of personified deterrent. Democratic leaders who believe in negotiations and win-win-situations etc. often seem to be no match for cold-blooded autocrats. Trump may be the guy who speaks their language.

For Europe, I’m afraid that the political climate will also change as an effect of Trump’s victory.
In Europe, large parts of the population also have not benefited from free trade and globalization. Large parts of the population also feel not respected by the politicians. In Germany there also is a tendency that green/left politicians discuss issues detached from the daily life of most people. A kind of „state feminism“ constantly keeps mocking the male half of the population. Huge sums of money are invested into receiving refugees from syria, and homeless people, pensioners, maybe also students, single moms may feel neglected.
The people think that the state is no longer capable of guaranteeing security, and that (foreign) gangs of criminals are not fought decisively enough. Though the government and the political parties are sharpening lots of laws, they rather do it in secrecy in order not to „support the right wing“.
But that is exactly what the right wing is profiting from – that the left/liberal majority seems passive, seems not to see the issues the „plebs“ is seeing.
There have been concerns in the past that (some) islamic mosques may in fact be islamistic mosques or that many muslims in germany may be patriarchal and anti-democratic. The left has always called these concerns „racist“. Now it turned out that many syrian refugees don’t visit islamic mosques in Germany anymore, because they find the imams there too conservative. Of course, this was grist to the mill for all who accused the leftists/greens of ignoring obvious social problems and acting chicken-hearted and submissive towards (self-proclaimed) minorities.

The social democrats even called the plebs „plebs“, which may not have been the best idea in a democracy. Especially not since the election of Donald Trump may now activate the (previous) nonvoters to show the „establishment“ the ropes.
Also, the governments of the states and the federal government did nothing to stop the rural exodus happening all over Germany. In ancient times, some aristocrat would have found a new city and build a new university to create a new nucleus for economical development to bolster their dominion, but today’s government seems incapable or unwilling to take action and really rule in order to correct maldevelopments. If big projects are started, it’s always that in a already huge city like Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, some billions are spent for yet another prestigious building. This is a problem, because the rural population feels left alone, and this in turn strengthens the longing for a „stronger leader“, who would finally change the course of politics into the right direction.“ (…)

Kommentar GB:

Die fehlenden Bereitschaft oder die Unfähigkeit, die eigenen Fehler als solche zu erkennen und sie zu korrigieren: sie ist das Problem der Bundestags-Parteien, von der LINKEN bis zur CDU. Nur die CSU  scheint noch in der Lage zu sein, sich kritisch – und zugleich selbstkritisch – sowie konstruktiv mit der realen Lage und der eigenen Rolle auseinander zu setzen und daraus Konsequenzen zu ziehen.

Die anderen Bundestags-Parteien wirken vergleichsweise wie blockiert, völlig vernagelt, als hätten sie ein Brett vor der Stirn. Und mit diesem Brett vor der Stirn treten sie dann noch vor die Mikrofone und äußern sich arrogant über all jene, die längst verstanden haben, worum es tatsächlich geht, und die es wirklich – nicht nur in der Einbildung – längst besser wissen als jene, die in die Mikrofone sprechen.

Das alles wirkt mittlerweile hochgradig skurril.