Hamed Abdel-Samad

„I hate terror attacks because journalists and radio stations keep calling me
since early morning to hear my analysis. I haven’t taken the phone several
times but it kept ringing. I finally answered: The only thing I can tell you
about this attack is that it wasn’t me who did it! And I have nothing new to
say. All I have to say is in my past interviews and books. Why should I
advise people who listen to my advise but continue doing the same thing? No
one wants to leave his comfort zone. Muslims still insist terror has nothing
to do with their religion and western politicians keep repeating the same
mantra after each attack: „this is an attack against our freedom. We won’t
allow terrorists to change our life style“, but they continue
selling weapons
to Saudi Arabia! But you know what? Terrorists have changed your life style
already. Look at your airports and government buildings how they are
surrounded by heavy armed soldiers! They implanted fear in the hearts of
millions. They intimidated you so that you can’t even publish a cartoon of
Muhammad. They don’t only attack your freedom but they misuse it to move
freely and teach their ideology freely even at your schools. So, if this is
the life style you don’t want to change, then you are a hopeless case, and I
have no time to offer you an analysis just to fill in the time of your live
programs! Europe is giving up itself. I’m not fighting for you anymore. I ll
fight for myself alone, for my freedom to say what I want the way I want and
in the place I decide!“