Feminist critic Camille Paglia:

‚Merkel is an important role model for mature women‘

„Camille Paglia has been causing nothing but controversy ever since her first book, „Sexual Personae,“ became a bestseller in 1990. The publication, which covers everything from sex to art and the decadence of both in Western culture, has earned her a reputation as an „anti-feminist feminist“ and even led Gloria Steinem to say, „Her calling herself a feminist is sort of like a Nazi saying they’re not anti-Semitic.“

In her latest, seventh book „Free Women, Free Men“ (2017), Paglia argues that modern feminism infantilizes women by overprotecting them and prevents them from taking full responsibility for their sex lives. The title is just as straightforward, radical, and thought-provoking as her previous ones.

For DW, Paglia, who is a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, talked about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Angela Merkel, three political figures at the heart of the current sociopolitical debate.“ (…)