‚I am here to sing his music; that’s a way to actually prevail over Wagner’s Jew-hatred‘

Divorcing music from anti-Semitism, Israeli soprano takes on taboo at Wagner fest

Netta Or sees her performance in ‘Parsifal’ as an opportunity to show the world that the Bayreuth Festival is not ‘judenrein’

„AACHEN, Germany — In an ongoing debate as emotionally charged as his music, German composer Richard Wagner has long been a source of controversy among Jews. Overshadowed by his infamous anti-Semitism — and loyal anti-Semitic fans — in Israel, Wagner’s work is, in practice, verboten.“ (…)   by Marc Neugroschel


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Ein lesenswerter Artikel über die heutige jüdische Sicht auf Wagner, sein kompositorisches Werk und die Aufführungen in Bayreuth.