„Trudeau Rows Back on ‘Refugees Welcome’ as Quebec Hands Migrants $2.6 Million a Month in Welfare“

„Quebec has pledged to hand out welfare cheques to around 4,000 asylum seekers as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backtracks on his open invitation to migrants.“

„According to the province’s employment minister, the operation will take a full three days and he has not ruled out asking the Canadian government to help cover some of the welfare costs, reports the National Post.

With the minimum basic monthly payment being $623 (£387), that equates to nearly $2.6 million (Canadian) per month for those 4,000 asylum seekers alone.“ (…)


Kommentar GB:

Anklicken, und dann sehen sie Justin Trudeau, wie aussieht, nachdem er vom Realitätsprinzip in den … Rücken getreten wurde.

Ob er daraus lernt? Es ist zwar zu hoffen, aber leider gar nicht sicher.