2018 New Year’s Resolution?

Read the Quran

„It is often said that the definition of a classic is a book that everyone has heard of and nobody has read. If that is so then for most people the Quran definitely fits the bill. Even many Muslims have not read it cover to cover.

This is a folly. The Quran is the foundational text of Islam, the fastest growing and second largest religion in the world, with over a billion and a half adherents. The Quran is traditionally regarded as the ultimate word of God by Muslims. Therefore, its dictates shape faith and culture in every country influenced by Islam.

If you do not think religion is important, that is your prerogative. But millions of people do think it is important, and those people have been tremendously influential in global history. The Quran is not the totality of Islam. There is the sunnah, the oral tradition of practices that accompanies the Quran. There are the hadiths, the collected sayings of Mohammed. And of course there are the countless books of commentary and exegesis written by scholars through the centuries, some good, some bad and some ugly.“ (…)

Kommentar GB:
Es war in den 20er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts ein schwerer politischer Fehler, das bekannte  Buch „Mein Kampf“ zu ignorieren.
Noch sehr viel gefährlicher ist Ignoranz in dem oben genannten Fall.

ISIS Video Too Horrific to Share

As you know at Clarion we share ISIS propaganda videos with you from time to time because we believe it’s vital we understand the true evil of radical, jihadi Islam. However, one video we found online is simply so graphic we decided under no circumstances could we share it with you in its entirety.

Below are just a few still photos from the video.

WARNING! The images below are extremely graphic in nature.


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