Britain’s Thatcherist revolution

Meet the little-known Jewish man behind Britain’s Thatcherist revolution

Born 100 years ago, upper-class Sir Keith Joseph made for a strange political bedfellow with Methodist, underprivileged Thatcher — but together the two changed UK politics forever

„LONDON — For Margaret Thatcher, he was quite simply “England’s greatest man.” And while the late prime minister’s propensity for hyperbole may have gotten the better of her on occasion, Sir Keith Joseph was nonetheless one of the most significant figures in modern British political history.

Born 100 years ago this week, Joseph was Thatcher’s mentor, ideological guru and political soulmate. Without him, the “Thatcher revolution” of the 1980s — which sought to slash taxes, crack down on the over-mighty trade unions and privatize unprofitable state industries — may never have happened.“ (…)