Sweden finds Trump was right on immigration, gang violence

– The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sweden’s prime minister, who criticized President Trump last year for blaming Swedish violence on Muslim refugees, said Tuesday that he’s cracking down on immigration and gang violence to make Sweden great again.

At a White House news conference with Mr. Trump at his side, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke of his own Trump-like agenda of implementing tougher laws on immigration and crime, and of spending more money on law enforcement.

“We have our share of domestic challenges, no doubt about that,” Mr. Lofven said. “We are dealing with it every day, allocating more resources to the police, more resources to the security police, tougher laws on crime, tougher laws on terrorism.”Not only that, he said Sweden’s crackdown on immigration and gangs is working.“ (…)


Kommentar GB:

Sollte die schwedische Regierung wider Erwarten zur Vernunft gekommen sein?

Hat das Prinzip „Wer nicht hören will muß fühlen!“ seine Wirkung gehabt, so daß nun endlich umgesteuert wird?

Wir werden es sehen …