Trump and France’s Macron Disagree on the Iran Deal

 Here’s Why Europe Wants to Keep It.

(…) BERLIN — President Trump is currently hosting sort of a Europe week at the White House, with French President Emmanuel Macron in town for a state visit and German Chancellor Angela Merkel expected to arrive at the Oval Office on Friday.

To both European leaders who often closely coordinate their foreign policy moves, one issue will define their agenda in Washington: the Iran nuclear deal. Or, as Trump likes to call it: the “bad” and “terrible” deal with a country he has blamed for being “behind every problem” in the Middle East. Trump has called the 2015 agreement disastrous and has argued that it isn’t in the United States’ best interests, though he has reluctantly certified Iran’s compliance in the past.

That may change with a new deadline that’s coming up May 12.“ (…)