Why Do Anti-Semitic US Islamists Get a Free Pass?

„All too often of late we’ve seen American Islamists voicing their support for anti-Semites, if not calling for the outright killing of Jews or accusing Israel of creating ISIS.

A number of Islamist spiritual leaders especially were outed by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute), as in the case of New Jersey Imam Aymen Elkasaby, who, from his pulpit, called Jews “apes and pigs” and prayed to Allah to kill them “down to the very last one.”

So many were outed as such that another New Jersey imam, Mohamed Moussa, announced he was starting workshops to train U.S. imams on how to avoid incitement and hate speech. As MEMRI again documented, “Imam Moussa warned that there are ‘institutions of Islamophobia’ with ‘budgets in the millions, whose only job is [to monitor] us.’”

(That’s certainly pesky when you want to spew anti-Semitism.)

And, of course, no one could forget how sharia-apologist and self-styled champion of women’s rights Linda Sarsour teamed up for the Women’s March on Washington with Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who was convicted of involvement in two fatal bombings in Israel.“ (…)

Why Do Anti-Semitic US Islamists Get a Free Pass?