German and Austrian Media Outrage Me

by Daniel Pipes
Washington Times
September 19, 2018

„Europe’s mainstream media has reached a point of distorted frenzy about what it calls the „far-right“ and „neo-Nazis.“ I know. I have just experienced this first hand. Allow me, please, to tell my tale.

Stylized map of the planned Rebel Media trip.

Ezra Levant of Canada is a brilliant conservative and an eloquent critic of the Left. He’s indefatigable and successful; Rebel Media, which he founded in February 2015, has over one million YouTube subscribers. Of his many concerns, such as „ethical oil,“ Levant most worries about the threat of Islamism.

Our common outlook means we often cooperate, and he recently invited me to join a Rebel Media cruise on the Danube River in June 2019, which I accepted. It makes roughly equidistant daily trips, beginning with two towns in Germany (Regensburg, Passau), then four in Austria (Linz, Melk, Dürnstein, Vienna), one in Slovakia (Bratislava), and one in Hungary (Budapest).

Of course, the cruise has a political element as well. The talent includes British journalist Katie Hopkins and activist Tommy Robinson; and, as the brochure explains, „we’ll also meet with local political leaders of democratic political groups who are working to preserve western civilization and values“ – the Alternative für Deutschland party, Sebastian Kurz‘ government in Austria, and Viktor Orbán’s in Hungary.“ (…)