Trump’s United Nations Speech Spotlighting “America First”

„President Donald Trump delivered a defining United Nations speech spotlighting “America First” on September 25, 2018. Central to his address was the message that America will not bend to the whim of globalization nor partake in other initiatives where America loses its sovereignty.“ (…)

„Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump:

  • Gave a nod to the embassy move in Israel to Jerusalem, which he said underscores his commitment to peace in the region between Israelis and Palestinians
  • Spoke critically of Iran, distinctly addressing its dictators and leaders (and not the Iranian people at large)
  • Warned against German dependence on Russian energy, hinting at Russia as an expansionist foreign power
  • Applauded Gulf countries for “taking more responsibility in fighting terrorism”
  • Recognized North Korea, adding he has seen “encouraging measures,” including the suspension of tests and other steps to ensure good faith negotiations. He also thanked North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un for “his courage” “ (…)




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