George Soros Working Closely With Iran

„American billionaire George Soros and his grant network the Open Society Foundations are working closely with the Iranian government, reported Israel National News.

The revelation came from Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Zarif, while answering questions in the Iranian parliament.

Zarif said funding from the organization began before he became foreign minister, but he had succeeded in “keeping the activity organized.”

Open Society Foundations funds left-wing and far-left organizations worldwide. Its budget for 2018 totals over a billion dollars.

Of the organizations it funds, many work against the U.S. “War on Terror” because of what the foundation perceives as unreasonable counter-terror measures taken by the U.S. government post-9/11.

For example, the foundation funds the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, which has convinced more than 400 cities and counties in America to pledge that they will not comply with the Patriot Act.

To promote his agenda, Soros first appointed Aryeh Neier to run his foundation. Decades earlier Neier was known for creating Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the most influential and radical student group of the 1960s whose aim was to overthrow the American capitalist system of government and replace it with Marxism. An even more militant faction of the SDS was a spin-off called the Weather Underground, a violent terror organization.

Neier went on to run the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Human Rights Watch, both heavily funded by Soros. ACLU also opposed almost all counter-terror measures enacted in the U.S. after 9/11. HRW contends America’s terror problems are a result of America’s failure “to promote fundamental rights around the world.”

HRW has also been accused of lying about the activities of the state of Israel and regularly funds anti-Israel organizations.“

George Soros Working Closely With Iran

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