Retro-looking streetcars finish service in Hiroshima

October 22, 2018

The Yomiuri Shimbun HIROSHIMA —

„Hiroshima Electric Railway Co. has terminated routine runs of its familiar retro-looking streetcars, mainly due to the inconvenience for customers who want to use service-related contactless transport cards.

The Taisho and German Hannover cars can be seen again at future railway events.

The Taisho car was re-created based on the original streetcar that ran when the railway opened in 1912. It was converted from an ordinary streetcar into an antique-looking one as part of an event to boost Hiroshima Prefecture’s tourism in 1984, with a safety net and manually powered brake handle designed to replicate the equipment back then.

Meanwhile, the Hannover car was donated in 1989 by Hiroshima’s sister city, Hannover, Germany, and has a slim body and large windows, which were remnants of European streetcars back then.“ (…)

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