How Equality Became the Enemy of Justice


} „In the U.S., coastal progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans from “fly-over country,” are at each other’s throats. At least half of Americans despise their politically incorrect President. The results of elections are no longer accepted; “resistance” is proclaimed, and the aim is to overthrow those who have been elected, along with the Constitution and the Courts that allowed the “unacceptable” outcome. The defeated candidate for president has helpfully said that there can be no civility in America until her party is in power.

In divided Canada the “progressive” NDP and Green provinces block the commerce of the other provinces, leading to a standstill, with the national economy slowly grinding to a halt. The politically correct Liberal Prime Minister is held in contempt by almost half of Canadians.

The antagonistic cultural and political divide in North America reflects a sharp disagreement about the nature of justice. Each side views the preferences and policies of the other as unjust, unacceptable, and immoral. This is because the two sides understand and construe justice entirely differently.“


The cover for “progressive” measures to replace and marginalize men and whites is “diversity.” No other idea has such prestige in our time. Diversity means gender, racial, ethnic, and sexual diversity, justified by the assertion of “enrichment” that is not demonstrated and suspect. What it does not mean is diversity of opinion or politics, for only progressive views are acceptable. Progressives view classical liberal views as sexist, racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic, and believe that these should not be allowed. So, the net result of “diversity” is people who look different from one another, but all saying the same things. The progressive orthodoxy precludes diverse opinions and works hard to exclude liberally-minded heretics.

Progressives appear to be obsessed with equality to the exclusion of all other values, such as freedom, prosperity, beauty, and truth. The advance of anyone value at the expense of all others, no matter how good the intentions, leads to a cultural and societal imbalance that turns into hell. This is not speculation; recent historical cases are well documented and incontestable. Societies that have taken equality as their sole value have disregarded freedom, efficiency and prosperity, property ownership, and due process. They have exterminated whole classes, such as the kulak

prosperous peasants in the Soviet Union, the entire professional class in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge communists, and bourgeois class in Communist China under Mao.

Progressives, who increasingly admit they are socialists, now rant against white men and white women, so obsessed with underrepresented minorities that they disregard the democratic obligation to respect the majority. The progressive undermining of liberal Enlightenment values will not lead to “progress” in any sense, but to increasing chaos and injustice.“

How Equality Became the Enemy of Justice