In Defense of Europe’s ‘Far-Right’ Parties

November 01, 2018

Daniel Pipes

Washington Times

„The European political parties called far-right by Establishment politicians and media (but civilizationist by me) are justly criticized for their mistakes and extremism.

For example, the Sweden Democrats party in its first years, 1988-95, did have some members with Nazi backgrounds and some who supported racist and white nationalist ideas. Even today, the party does foolish things — like call for a ban on circumcising boys.

Civilizationists also have a problem with anti-Semitism. Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Rally in France, has repeatedly been fined for dismissing the Nazi gas chambers as a “detail” of history. When Freedom Party of Austria(FPO) leader Heinz-Christian Strache in 2010 visited Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem memorial to the Holocaust, he wore the distinctive beer-cap of the Vandalia fraternity, an organization associated with anti-Semitism.

In Poland and Hungary, the ruling PiS and Fidesz parties have built soft autocracies where governments control the judiciary, economy, media, and educational institutions. Corruption has increased. Elections are free but not fair.

All true. But two points in reply:“ (…)

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