The Muslim in the Middle

„What happens to the Muslim in the Middle? It’s not always easy for Muslims living in the West. On the one hand they want to preserve their religious identity but also want to fit in their new society – which isn’t always the most welcoming, and sometimes even makes integration extremely difficult.

A portion of Muslims living in the West turn to terror. It’s not easy to characterize those who choose this path; poor or rich, immigrant or second and even third generation citizen, single or married, Arab or non-Arab, fervent believer or less so. While it’s not a golden rule, most tend to be younger and male.

It’s unlikely we can influence those who already hold extremist views, those who support terror organizations, who ideologically believe in the need to kill as many Westerners as possible and harm those Muslims who buy into their Western ways. However, there are also liberal-minded Muslims with whom there’s no problem. They simply want to lead a peaceful life, find a decent job, raise children and be part of our society.

Then there are those in the middle – neither liberal nor extreme. They face a choice.“ (…)

The Muslim in the Middle