Public Hangings in Iran: What Political Dissent Gets You


„Iranian opposition groups posted a video online of three recent public hangings in Iran. According to information provided by these group, the victims were all political dissidents and were arrested for protesting the regime.

“The regime is using the tactic of public executions to create an atmosphere of fear and prevent an explosion of anger on the part of the the population,” said the MEK in a statement.

The hangings took place in Shiraz, a city of over one and a half million people and the fifth largest city in Iran. In the video, a young person can be seen being led up to a crane and a noose put around his neck.

Political protests in Iran reached an unprecedented level in early 2018. Even though media coverage of the protests quickly died out, anti-regime activists expect they will escalate as the economic situation becomes more dire due to the effects of America’s sanctions on the Islamic Republic.“ (…) Video