With an April deadline for new visa system, still much work to do


December 8, 2018

„As Japan faces the prospect of an influx of foreign workers from April, the Justice Ministry and related government departments are frantically working to flesh out details of vague new legislation that many contend could change the face of Japanese society.

One issue is that the rushed revision to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law is short on specifics in many areas, and officials have three months at the outside to put things in order.

The law that establishes a new residence status effectively opens Japan up to foreign manual laborers. It passed the Upper House early on Dec. 8.

Still to be decided is which business sectors will be allowed to hire foreign workers, how many will be allowed in, how to determine whether entrants are qualified and whether local governments will be prepared to provide the social services those workers need.

The Justice Ministry has promised to provide specific figures for how many foreign workers will be allowed in before the end of the year.“ (…)



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