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The Falsehoods That Drive ‚Open Borders‘ Theory

„The idea of „open borders“ is to open one’s heart and arms to everyone in the world, open one’s country to all comers, to encourage everyone to come. „Open borders“ is an increasingly popular idea in the West. Mainstream politicians of the European Union and of the largest countries of the Union have thrown open their borders and admitted all comers. So too in North America. Canada has welcomed anyone who infiltrates the partially unguarded border, as well as returning Islamic State terrorists. In the U.S., the Democrat Party increasingly opposes enforcing border protection and removing „illegal aliens“ (to use the official government term), called „dreamers“ by Democrats as they chant „abolish ICE“ (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).“ (…)


Those who seek justice would be well advised to seek it for individuals, rather than for superficial census categories of people. And rather than force collective results that they imagine would indicate justice, which disregards how many individuals were unfairly treated, those seeking justice would better focus on equality of opportunity, rather than equality of result. Equality of opportunity has the advantage of offering freedom of choice to individuals, and of not victimizing individuals who belong to the „wrong“ categories. Activists should not worry; there is plenty to do and plenty to reform to improve equality of opportunity.

Open borders is a policy advanced by three flawed lines of thought: multiculturalism, utopianism, and „social justice“ theory. Together, these mistaken lines of thought have produced the counterproductive and even suicidal policy of open borders.“

Philip Carl Salzman is a professor of anthropology at McGill University and a fellow at the Middle East Forum.

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