It’s Not a Left-Right Thing, You Know

In this post, Clarion’s David Harris asks why the Left-Right divide is such an impediment to tackling radical Islam.

„I was privileged to attend a meeting this past week with an organization that does tremendous good in one of America’s largest inner-city areas. This non-profit tackles violence on the streets, in schools and domestic situations. As is all too often the case, most of the work is with the poorest, least educated in society and much of it in traditional migrant communities. The organization has been working on these issues for more than 40 years.“ (…)

„It’s time we all realized that radical Islam — both political and violent — targets us all. The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for a caliphate across the U.S. and the West does not differentiate between liberals and conservatives. We would all be forced to practice sharia law.

Let’s put political divides aside and understand this common threat is one to which we must stand up together. If we don’t — and right now we aren’t — the consequences could be dire indeed.“

It’s Not a Left-Right Thing, You Know

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