Puppy Love Out, Nukes In

„Puppy love is out in Iran as the city of Tehran announced that “measures” will be taken against people who walk their dogs in public. In addition, driving with a dog in one’s car is also now forbidden.

Yet, apparently, this is not the case for nuclear weapons – and especially for the Iranian regime which just admitted they made a mockery out of the 2015 nuclear pact with the world powers (see below).

In 2016, Iranian authorities began bursting into people’s houses and confiscating their dogs in a crackdown on “vulgar Western culture.”

In 2014, hardline legislators in Iran’s parliament tried to pass a law making walking, owning or selling a dog a crime punishable by 74 lashes as well as a fine and arrest since it “damages Islamic culture.”

All advertisements for pets or pet-related products were banned in 2010.

The official reason for the current measure in Tehran is because dogs “[create] fear and anxiety.”


Puppy Love Out, Nukes In





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