Der politische Einfluß von Qatar

Qatar Buys Conservative Column Inches

„On June 4, the Washington Times published a „special section“ of articles lavishing praise on Qatar, its institutions, and its global influence. Each of these articles was labeled as „sponsored,“ although the Times neglects to say by whom. At first glance, this is a surprising insertion in a conservative paper whose editorial board has previously been critical of the Middle Eastern state.

While Qatari money is everywhere, in previous years its influence had been perceived mostly on the American left. Qatar’s media empire Al Jazeera, for example, operates a social media platform named AJ+, which has partnered with hard left-leaning American outlets such as the Young Turks.

Meanwhile, prominent think tanks such as the Brookings Institution have received tens of millions from Doha. Brookings got $15 million in 2013, and at least $2 million in just the past year — perhaps much more. Such generosity has afforded Brookings a plush center in Doha. Meanwhile, the Qatari regime enjoys a steady flow of academic papers downplaying the kingdom’s patronage of violent Islamism and painting its ties to designated terror groups as nothing more than earnest attempts at dialogue, carried out in an attempt to acquire influence for the sake of benevolence.

But institutions such as Brookings — along with many American universities (including public colleges) that enjoy similar arrangements — are not Doha’s only playthings. Over the past few years, there have been noticeable Qatari attempts to win friends and influence people outside the usual ambit of the Left.

The most prominent (and curious) example that received some public attention in the last few years has been the offers of cash and travel invitations presented to leading American Jewish organizations since 2017. The Zionist Organization of America was widely denounced in Jewish media after it initially accepted Qatar’s invitations and funding. Doha thought, incorrectly it seems, that it could both fund Hamas and win American Jewish support.

At the time, the media noted that prominent Republican Mike Huckabee also accepted $50,000 and a trip to Doha. Huckabee’s inclusion in Qatar’s subornations was explained by the media as a consequence of his longstanding ties to pro-Israel Jewish organizations. But, apparently to few people’s notice, Qatar has been placing unabashedly pro-Qatari messages in American conservative media for a while now. It seems Huckabee was not just sought for his Jewish connections, but for his conservative standing.

The splash of pro-Qatari messaging in the strongly conservative Washington Times on June 4 was significant, but not new. Of the 25 articles published, five were written by Times columnist Tim Constantine, who is a regular at Republican gatherings and has some influence as a talk radio host of „The Capitol Hill Show.“ Over the past few years, Constantine has used both his columns in the Times and his radio show to lionize Qatar, give platforms to regime officials, and denounce the iniquities of Qatar’s greatest antagonist, Saudi Arabia.

The most brazenly pro-Qatari piece by Constantine is a May 2018 article that offers a series of Qatari regime announcements about the wonders of Qatar, lists the miraculous triumphs of its businesses and societal institutions, and explains to readers why the Saudi Arabia-led blockade of Qatar is so innately wicked.“ (…)

Kommentar GB:

Folge der Spur des Geldes …

So oder so ähnlich wie das hier für die USA beschrieben wird läuft derselbe Prozeß der islamischen Einflußnahme auch in Europa ab, und zwar so wie auch dort überwiegend verdeckt. Es wären zusätzlich noch die Finanzbeteilungen an Unternehmen und die Sponsorenschaften und Spenden für Parteien und Stiftungen zu berücksichtigen, sowie mutmaßliches „Bakschisch“ für nützliche Einzelpersonen in Entscheidungspositionen. Die Geldgeber der Petrodollars gehören sämtlich dem internationalen Club der Milliardäre – Sektion Islam – an. Sie kaufen sich den politschen Einfluß, zu dem sie sonst nie gelangen könnten.

Ist schon recht, wenn es nur dem anvisierten Weltkalifat dient …