Greek economic renaissance could benefit Arab world

„Shortly before the recent Greek election, the gifted orator and then-prime minister, Alexei Tsipras, delivered a rousing speech to a cheering throng of supporters, at one point declaring that his main opponent could not achieve what Tsipras was experiencing at that moment: an adoring crowd. “They can’t have a rally like this one,” he said. “They can’t experience the true love of simple people.”

Well, it turns out that Greeks may no longer be interested in the fist-pumping politician with a bag full of promises. Instead, when Greeks went to the polls early this month, they discarded the charismatic Tsipras and his leftist Syriza party in favor of the decidedly uncharismatic, technocratic center-right leader of the New Democracy party, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Harvard-educated former McKinsey consultant was likely more at home delivering a PowerPoint presentation than a rip-roaring speech, but Greeks were in a problem-solving mood looking for solutions to their problem of diminishing incomes, diminishing jobs, diminishing wages and diminishing hope. Maybe a “boring technocrat” is what they need, after all. That, and the bracing effect of further investments from new partners including those in the Middle East, particularly ones with expertise in real estate and tourism development, such as companies to be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.“ (…)