Prominent California Islamists Praise Imam’s Call to Exterminate Jews

„While waiting at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, following a trip to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, California imam Ahmed Billoo (also known as Ahmed Ibn Aslam), wrote on his private Facebook account that he was „feeling annoyed“ about his location. He offered a prayer to deal with the surfeit of Jews in the building: „Oh God, reduce their numbers, exterminate them, and don’t leave a single one alive.“ He added the hashtag „Zionists.“

Billoo seemed palpably relieved to arrive in Istanbul the next day, writing „So good to be in a Muslim country“ and „#TiredofSeeingZionists.“

Billoo is a prominent cleric in California, and part of a prominent Islamist family. He works as the religious director at the Islamic Center of Cypress, serves as a „professor“ at California Islamic University, and is a teacher at the Institute of Knowledge, a seminary that offers religious advice to Muslim students and trains the next generation of imams. Its faculty includes prominent clerics from the hardline Salafi and Deboandi strains of Islam.“ (…)