The Images and Maps behind Iran’s ‚Land Bridge‘

„Airstrikes in Iraq between July 19 and August 20 are attempts to interdict Iran’s „land bridge“ that stretches across Iraq and Syria to Lebanon. This was the assessment published by ImageSat International on August 22. „The Iranian land bridge from Tehran to Syria and Lebanon is under attack in Iraq.“

The history of Iran’s land bridge go back many years. Allegations that Iran is constructing a swath of influence from Iran to Lebanon to link up with its Hezbollah ally, grew as Iran consolidated its influence in Iraq and Syria in the last decades. This was particularly true after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS gave Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps an excuse to intervene in Iraq and Syria. Working closely with Shi’ite paramilitaries in Iraq, the Syrian regime and Hezbollah, Iran’s influence grew.“ (…)