Sicherheitsrisiko: Merkel

Merkel caused ‘massive security risk’ with 300,000 unidentified migrants

Former director of Germany’s foreign intelligence service said Merkel created a „security crisis” for Germany and the other member states of the European Union.

By Benjamin Weinthal
September 16, 2019

„Dr. August Hanning, the former director of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, said Sunday in the United Kingdom that Chancellor Angela Merkel endangered the security situation in the federal republic with her decision to allow unfettered immigration.

Hanning said Merkel created a “security crisis” for Germany and the other member states of the European Union, according to a report in Britain’s Sunday Express. The paper reported that Hanning said: “We have seen the consequences of this decision in terms of German public opinion and internal security. We experience problems every day.”

Hanning said Merkel allowed hundred of thousands of migrants into Germany.

He said during his short visit to Britain that “We have criminals, terrorist suspects and people who use multiple identities. Those who carried to the Berlin attacks used 12 different identities, adding that “While things are tighter today, we still have 300,000 people in Germany whose identities we cannot be sure of. That’s a massive security risk.”

A Tunisian terrorist aligned with the Islamic State used a truck to murder Israeli citizen Dalia Elyakim and 11 others during Christmas in Berlin, 2016.

Hanning, who oversaw the foreign intelligence agency 1998-2005, also was state secretary for the federal interior ministry from 2005 to 2009.

The former espionage chief told the British news outlet: “In the meantime, Merkel herself gives conflicting responses: she claims that it wasn’t a mistake on the one hand, while on the other pledging it would never happen again. This all goes to her political weakness.”

Hanning noted “that decision led to the rise of the extremist right, and that’s another security risk, too. The AfD would never have gained support had it not been for this decision.”

The Alternative for Germany party is an anti-immigration party in the Bundestag.

According to the paper, Hanning said  that Merkel’s feeble immigration policy has impaired her ability “to forge good personal relationships with foreign leaders.”

Merkel has denied requests from the country’s nearly 100,000-strong German Jewish community, as well as from the US government, to outlaw all of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah.

US ambassador Richard Grenell, who The Jerusalem Post learned raises a full ban of Hezbollah in every meeting with German officials, wrote last week in Die Welt that “The legal authority for a full ban of Hezbollah already exists. In November 2015, Germany’s Federal Administrative Court transferred its settled case-law on Hamas to Hezbollah. According to this decision, the entirety of Hezbollah was found to be directed ‘against the idea of international understanding.’ Among other things, it cited Hezbollah’s call for the extermination of Israel.”

In May, the Central Council of Jews in Germany urged Merkel to outlaw Hezbollah’s entire movement in the federal republic amid rising Jew-hatred in the country.

The Post reported in 2017 that Hezbollah combatants have entered Germany since mid-2015 as part of the wave of refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, according to a German intelligence report.

“Since mid-2015 there are increased indications of fighters from Shi’ite militias entering Germany as legal refugees,” according to the intelligence report.

“The indications regarding roughly 50% [of the fighters] show a direct connection to Hezbollah,” noted the report.

Germany intelligence reports from 2019 show an increase in Hezbollah members from 950 in 2017 to 1,050 last year.

While Germany has merely banned Hezbollah’s so-called military wing, the US, UK, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, and the Arab League have proscribed Hezbollah’s entire organization a terrorist entity.“

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