Is Gaza ‚Occupied‘?

„June 16, 2015 was a watershed moment in international law. In Chiragov v. Armenia, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) presented a simple criteria for investigating whether a territory is under military occupation: For an area to be occupied, the occupying power must have a military presence there. While the case dealt with the Azeri-Armenian conflict, the implications for Israel’s disputed territories were obvious.

The next day, in fact, international jurist Marko Milanovic penned a piece titled, „European Court Decides that Israel Is Not Occupying Gaza.“ Any honest observer would agree. Unfortunately, Human Rights Watch’s Israel/Palestine director Omar Shakir did not get the memo, as he still insists Gaza is occupied.

As Shakir faces possible deportation from Israel for his BDS advocacy, his willingness to distort the law in a way unfavorable to Israel suggests an overarching goal of demonizing the Jewish state, not achieving justice.“ (…)