EU’s labeling of Israeli products originated with Neo-Nazi, Green parties

Analysis: The parties have been pushing for a boycott of Israeli products for nearly a decade

(…) „Henryk M. Broder, a popular German-Jewish journalist, who has testified about contemporary antisemitism in the Bundestag, wrote a column at the time titled “Two Souls, One Thought” in the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche, noting that the Green and Nazi parliamentary initiatives to demarcate Israeli products are “at their core identical.” (Hervorhebung GB)

Both initiatives use the historical model of the German Nazi regime boycotts of Jewish businesses starting on April 1, 1933, and invoking the mass slogan: “Germans defend yourselves. Do not buy from Jews!” Broder wrote. The much-documented antisemitism of the Green Party has been reported on over the decades by Broder.“ (…) (Hervorhebung GB)

Kommentar GB:

Das bringt die Sache zutreffend auf den Punkt: „at their core identical„. So ist das.