What if Trump’s pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian plan turns out to be the opposite?

Are the Palestinians being punished for their refusal to compromise, or does the ‘Deal of the Century’ actually play into their rejectionist hands?

„Israelis, consensually, do not believe that we can make peace with the Palestinians, or even safely separate from them, any time soon.

Israelis well remember the Second Intifada, when the IDF’s withdrawal from major West Bank Palestinian cities under the Oslo Accords facilitated the unchecked growth of an infrastructure of Hamas and Fatah terrorism, dispatching a horrific years-long onslaught of suicide bombers into our malls, our stores, our buses, rendering our reality here almost untenable and costing hundreds upon hundreds of Israeli civilian lives.

Israelis continue to grapple with the violent consequences of our 2005 unilateral withdrawal from Gaza to the pre-1967 lines, which was followed by a Hamas takeover, three major rounds of conflict, relentless intermittent rocket fire and endless border violence — all accompanied by a soundtrack of international criticism of Israel for the crime of trying to protect ourselves against attacks from a territory to which we stake no claim.“ (…)


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