Von Wuhan in die Lombardei

22. März 2020
Dr. Gudrun Eussner

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In Norditalien leben 300 000 Chinesen, die zum Neujahrsfest des Jahres der Ratte, beginnend am 25. Januar 2020, nach China, ins Coronavirus-Zentrum, flogen und unkontrolliert wieder einreisten. So weit zur „wealthy Lombardy“.

At the Epicenter of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Humanitarian Crises in Italy: Changing Perspectives on Preparation and Mitigation

In a Bergamo hospital deeply strained by the Covid-19 pandemic, exhausted clinicians reflect on how to prepare for the next outbreak.

March 21, 2020

„In a pandemic, patient-centered care is inadequate and must be replaced by community-centered care. Solutions for Covid-19 are required for the entire population, not only for hospitals. The catastrophe unfolding in wealthy Lombardy could happen anywhere. Clinicians at a hospital at the epicenter call for a long-term plan for the next pandemic.“



In Chart 4 könnt Ihr u.a. sehen, wo Frankreich und wo Deutschland stehen. (G.E.) :