American Islamists Remain Silent on Armenian Genocide

„Historians generally mark the beginning of the Armenian Genocide with the arrest of 250 Armenian intellectuals by Turkish authorities on April 24, 1915. What followed that fateful date is one of the single greatest tragedies in human history; a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing, mass deportation, and forced starvation that would last for eight years and result in the premature death of over 1.5 million mostly Christian Armenians, and a smaller number of Greek and Assyrian minorities.

Despite the inconceivable scale of this massacre, it would take nearly 100 years for U.S. Congress to pass a pair of resolutions officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide and the Ottoman Empire’s culpability. However, after denying the historical accuracy of this event in a 2015 press release, an Islamist coalition claiming to represent „the largest umbrella group of mainstream Muslim American organizations“ has yet to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide as it approaches its 105th anniversary.“ (…)