Coronavirus tritt wahrscheinlich durch die Nase in den Körper

Berlin. Die Ergebnisse einer Studie lassen vermuten, dass das Coronavirus vor allem über die Nase aufgenommen wird. Aber auch über die Tränendrüsen könne eine Aufnahme erfolgen. Die Forscher vermuten zudem eine Übertragung über Fäkalien.

‚Mama, I’m not gonna go home‘: Doctor shares shocking video of her four-year-old son struggling to breathe after contracting coronavirus as she warns parents to take the virus seriously

  • Anna Zimmerman posted a clip of little boy Lincoln who had difficulty breathing earlier this month on his fifth day in a Colorado medical facility 
  • He was on as much as 9 liters of oxygen a day at one point and he would tell her: ‚Mama, this isn’t worth it. Mama, I’m not gonna go home‘ 
  • He has since recovered but she warned watching a child suffer is heartbreaking
  • Zimmerman wrote: ‚The medical terms used to describe respiratory distress – seesaw breathing, nasal flaring, grunting, retracting, tachypneic – he had them‘
  • ‚He will cough up slime, and look totally air hungry. His saturations will drop and his heart rate will spike,‘ Zimmerman shared in her blog  
  • She signed off: ‚Please stay safe. Please take this virus seriously – it is no joke‘ 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19