Is Iran on the Brink of a Coronavirus Coup?

„If you don’t think that the coronavirus is a political issue, you must be self-quarantining under a rock somewhere. People everywhere are watching as their leaders respond to the pandemic. In free nations, their assessments will be delivered at the polls, where some careers will be applauded and others ended. But the credibility and durability of totalitarian states are at risk, too. Some analysts even think that Chinese leader Xi Jinping may be vulnerable to a coup.

Could the virus from Wuhan accomplish in a matter of months what seven U.S. presidents, 19 CIA directors, and legions of Iranian secularists and dissidents could only dream about achieving in Tehran? The answer is maybe — the coronavirus may just deliver the coup de grace to the theocratic dictatorship that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini started 41 years ago, but only if the devastation and feckless government response inspires everyone, from the lower classes to the ruling classes, to say „No more.“ “ (…)