Fossils show 1st intrepid humans left Africa 200,000 years ago for an icy Israel

Discovery of fossils of cold-climate rodents alongside remains of region’s 1st modern humans shows they arrived from hot cradle of Africa during Ice Age, but were able to adapt

„Tiny rodent fossils found in a cave on Israel’s Mount Carmel could shift our understanding of human evolution, indicating that the first venturesome humans who migrated from Africa to Israel 200,000 years ago did so during an Ice Age.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Human Evolution this week, the discovery of fossils from rodents that are only adapted to cold environments — which were found in the same archaeological assemblage as the earliest known record of Homo sapiens outside of Africa — proves that those early modern humans arrived during an Ice Age and yet were able to thrive after leaving the Cradle of Humankind despite the drastically cooler temperatures.

The study’s authors say the analysis contradicts the popular theory that the Ice Age delayed human migration between continents. This first sign of human adaptability displays the characteristics that would eventually lead to our species’ world domination, said the scientists.“ (…)