Geopolitik: The Logic of Sino-Western Détente

„It might be cathartic to opine noisily about another country’s standards and practices, but there is substantial historical evidence to suggest that a country’s citizens will tend to value economic opportunity over most other issues. That axiom applies as much to the US, the UK, and Europe as it does to China.


If there is a change in US leadership next month, one hopes that it will set the stage for a renewed effort at the G20 to resurrect the post-war international order, and to bring governments back to the same table. Everyone has a role to play in working toward a more prosperous and inclusive future.“

Kommentar GB:

Man sieht, daß die Democrats (USA) nach der von ihnen mit allen Mitteln angestrebten Niederlage von Donald Trump darauf hoffen, auf den Kurs des Multilateralismus (und des antinationalen Kulturrelativismus) unter ihrer Führung, also jener der Global Governance, zurückkehren zu können, und zwar in diesem Fall wohl unter der (Vize-)Präsidentschaft von Kamala Harris.