Vive la France!

„The horrific beheadings in France by Islamists are not the first time the country has been attacked by „Allah O Akbar“-chanting warriors of Islam seeking martyrdom by killing the ‚kuffar‘ — Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist and atheist.

On Oct. 10 in the year 732CE, the Arab Umayyad Caliphate that had invaded and conquered most of Spain invaded what was then known as Gaul. The mostly Syrian army was met in battle by Charles Martel, who defeated the Arabs in the Battle of Tours located somewhere between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, in Aquitaine in western France, near the border of the Frankish realm and the Duchy of Aquitaine.

That was the end of Islamic expansion in Europe from the west, but one that continued in the east where in 717CE the Islamic armies were defeated at the gates of Constantinople, but expanded eastwards by invading India in 711CE after inroads in China and central Asia.

The worldwide jihad to conquer the world and bring it under Islamic sharia law by destroying or converting every church or temple into a mosque continued until that fateful date of another 9/11 in 1683 when the conquering armies of Islam were defeated at the gates of Vienna, never to return until Muslims immigrated to Europe in large numbers after the Second World War and the end of the colonial era.

Why do some Muslims wish to destroy the very country that gives them refuge?

The question before most non-Muslims in the West is why do some Muslims wish to destroy the very country that gives them refuge, be it in medieval India or today’s France?

The answer lies in the fundamental belief that real life begins after death and that life in Paradise won’t begin until Islam rules the world, and all non-Muslims are converted or killed in Rome (Europe) and Hind (India).

That belief is based on the doctrine of ‚Ghazwa-e-Hind‘ in a supposed utterance of Prophet Muhammad, which calls on Muslims to rally behind a resurrected Jesus in Jerusalem from where he will lead an attack on Rome and Christianity to destroy Europe, while sending another army towards India to destroy Hindus as a people and the eradication of Hinduism from Hindustan (India).

This, some Islamic clerics claim, will be a precursor to the Muslim apocalypse, the end of times and the beginning of eternal life in Paradise.

While the Arab world is moving towards peace and trying to focus on the development of their people, a new alignment of non-Arab Islamic countries has filled the hate-West vacuum – Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Malaysia.

Those who beheaded innocent people in Paris and Nice did not do so because they were trained to kill. No, these are the young minds contaminated in the madrassahs – Islamic schools – around the world and right in our backyards, be it Europe, Canada or the U.S.


Charles Martel, known as „The Hammer“


The decision of French President Emmanuel Macron to challenge the jihadi attacks on his country with the courage of a defender of human civilization reminds me of Charles The Hammer smashing the jihadi hordes at Tours 1,400 years ago.

The audacity of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan in condemning France instead of the murderers reflects their primitive medieval mindset. The two countries have been serpents living in the sleeves of the West, making billions while nurturing jihadis to kill kuffar around the world.

It is not just the mullahs or radical Islamists who utter such hatred. Here are the words of M.A. Jinnah, a supposedly non-religious secular founder of Pakistan. On Oct. 30, 1947 he told a rally in Lahore:

If we take our inspiration from the Holy Quran, the final victory, I once again say, will be ours. … You have only to develop the spirit of Mujahids (jihadis). … Do not be afraid of death. We should face it bravely to save the honour of Pakistan and Islam. There is no better salvation for a Muslim than the death of a martyr for a righteous [Islamic] cause.

Canada owes it to France to declare total solidarity with the principles of the French Revolution that are the hallmark of civilization today and are under attack by medieval hate-mongers desiring death as a path to Paradise.

Vive la France! Vive la Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite or Death.“

Tarek Fatah is a Robert J. and Abby B. Levine Fellow at the Middle East Forum, a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, and a columnist at the Toronto Sun.