Why Macron’s Plan to Tame Islam Will Fail

„On October 2, President Emmanuel Macron delivered a „Fight Against Separatism“ speech to the French parliament, announcing stricter measures to crack down on the growing influence of what he called „radical Islamism“ among France’s Muslim minority, proportionally the largest in Western Europe. This ideology, he said, has „a proclaimed, publicised desire, a systematic way of organising things to contravene the Republic’s laws and create a parallel order, establish other values, develop another way of organising society which is initially separatist, but whose ultimate goal is to take over [the Republic] completely.“

Macron’s proposals include abolishing home-schooling, closing down independent schools, devoting more resources to policing and courts, bringing community language teaching under the control of the state, restoring policing in Muslim-majority zones, which he acknowledges has been let slide, reversing ghetto­isation, preventing radical takeovers of Muslim organisations, and rolling back sharia creep, such as the public cafeterias which now offer only halal-compliant menus, and the separation of sexes in public swimming pools.“ (…)