The Swiss Have Banned the Burqa. When Will Canada Follow?

„On March 7, the Swiss narrowly voted to ban all face coverings in public. The initiative behind the referendum was launched in 2016 by associates of the Swiss People’s Party and the Egerkingen Committee, that had in 2009 successfully pushed for a vote to ban the building of new mosque minarets in the country.

With the outlawing of the Islamic face veil, Switzerland joined 18 other nations that have to some degree banned the burqa. They include Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, China, Cameroon, Chad, the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

It is now time to ban the burqa in Canada as well.

Why are Canadians scared to speak out against what is a symbol of anti-West hatred and the flaunting of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda right in our midst and in our face? It’s the label of ‚racist‘ that hangs like the sword of Damocles over our heads.“ (…)