The Need for a Focus on Western Islamism

by Daniel Pipes
Focus on Western Islamism
February 1, 2022

Why this website, why this publication? Because the West needs it. 

„Some background: Islamism in the West burst into public attention with the book burning and radical statements that accompanied the 1988-89 attacks on Salman Rushdie and his novel, The Satanic Verses. Ayatollah Khomeini’s death edict made Western publics aware for the first time, and with due shock, that quietly growing populations of Muslims presented civilizational problems that, say, Chinese, Hindus, and Christian Africans did not. These boiled down to a minoritarian but powerful desire to apply medieval-style Islamic laws (the Sharia) in the West, with all their dire implications for non-Muslims and females, and to transform Western societies.“  (…)

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