Why Russia won’t turn off gas flows to Europe

Speculation is swirling Russia could stop fuel exports to Europe over Ukraine tensions but the reality is Moscow needs the money

by Michael Bradshaw February 12, 2022

„One of the key issues raised by the crisis on the Ukraine borders is the future of Europe’s gas supply. As talks have foundered over the past month, Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom warned of the low levels of gas in European storage facilities.

The US and Europe, meanwhile, have threatened that unless Russia backs down and moves its troops away from the Ukraine border, sanctions could include scrapping Nord Stream II.

This is a 750-mile pipeline connecting Russia and Germany with the potential to supply 26 million homes, alongside supporting the wider north-west European gas market. The pipeline has been completed but has not yet been certified by Germany’s energy regulator.“ (…)

Why Russia won’t turn off gas flows to Europe

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