China’s Time for Global Leadership

Mar 17, 2022 Stephen S. Roach , Paul De Grauwe, Sergei Guriev, Odd Arne Westad

In the past 40 years, no country has benefited more from globalization than China. Now, as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appalling war in Ukraine drags on, China has a unique and urgent opportunity to demonstrate global leadership by standing up for world peace and humanity.



From War of Choice to War of Perseverance
Mar 14, 2022 Richard Haass


Protecting Europe’s Economy from Putin’s War
Mar 18, 2022 Lucrezia Reichlin


Russia Is Too Small to Win
Mar 17, 2022 Paul De Grauwe
Russia’s economy is one-tenth the size of the European Union’s, and its military budget is just 8% of America’s. That is not nearly enough to win a war against a country that is fighting Russian forces tooth and nail, let alone to occupy that country – and face a determined insurgency – for an indefinite period.


Germany Awakens
Mar 14, 2022 Ana Palacio


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