Geopolitik: Philippines running back to US as Duterte fades away

US-Philippines will hold largest joint exercises in recent memory as outgoing leader’s reach to China, Russia fails to take hold

by Richard Javad Heydarian March 25, 2022


„In the coming days, the Philippines and US are set to conduct their largest “Balikatan” (shoulder-to-shoulder) joint military drills in recent memory. Close to 9,000 troops from both the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the US military are set to conduct war games from March 28 to April 8 in the northern island of Luzon, the seat of power and economic hub of the Philippines.

If anything, this year is expected to see the AFP conducting more than 300 joint military activities with its American counterparts, more than any other ally or strategic partner in the entire Indo-Pacific. Ahead of the May 9, 2022, presidential election, the Pentagon and the Philippine defense establishment seem intent on setting the tone for robust military cooperation under whoever becomes the next Filipino president.“ (…)

Philippines running back to US as Duterte fades away


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Kommentar GB:

An der indopazifischen Frontlinie (USA – China) tut sich militärisch einiges, wie man hier sieht.



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